Our 5 oz Poleyester is a synthetic fabric with tremendous durability, versatility, and stunning look! Resistant to wrinkles, stains, fading, and shrinking. An economical choice over other fabrics.

Perfect for your Indoor event!

Looking for the next best fabric? Satin is fully customizable in it’s appearance including glossy satin, iridescent satin, taffeta satin, and more. It’s weight ranges from 2 to 5 oz depending on choice. Satin fabric presents a lustrous and shimmering appearance that reflects light and adds depth to your event.

Perfect for any event!

Light? Airy? Romantic? Our 2 oz Sheer embodies these themes to create a dream like warmth to the atmosphere. It’s thin and translucent nature lets light glimmer through while adding depth to your event!

Perfect for your wedding!

Looking for a plush, velvet like texture? Our 15 oz Velour is the choice for you! Durable and able to add depth, Velour will bring a cozy atmosphere to your event.

Perfect for your fashion event!

Where as Velour is pile knit fabric, 8 oz Panne Velour is a type of crushed Velour leading to a more uniform and shiny look over regular Velour.

Perfect for your fashion event!

Considered the golden standard of silk fabrics, our 4 oz Shantung brings crisp lightness that allows it to drape elegantly. Being one of the thinnest silks with a unique fluted texture, Shantung provides excellent contrast over other silks.

Perfect for your wedding!


A synthetic crosshatched textured fabric for a uniquely naturalistic look.

Perfect for an outdoors event!

EventPro Washington DC

Our 7 oz Banjo fabric is the standard economical tradeshow drape. It has a distinctive open weave pattern that gives it a textured and metallic look.

Perfect for your tradeshow!

Saint Tropez

Our 18 oz St. Tropez fabric is a unique style of velour with a mottled texture. Elegant in nature with a luxury finish and high light absorbtion.

Perfect for any event.

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Specailty Fabrics

For more specific fabrics, check out our current inventory or reach out to us for further customization!